We have recently been working with Dave from The App Zone in the creation of our First and Then app, designed to support people with communication challenges to transition calmly and smoothly at home, school and in the community. From our first meeting, Dave from The App Zone was engaged and committed to understanding exactly what we wanted our app to do, so it could be conveyed to Itchy Software for the most successful result possible. Dave spent hours with us over a number of months, asking relevant and thoughtful questions that would help him understand the needs of the apps' potential customers. He was accessible and available at all times for brainstorming as well as discussion.  His commitment to the possibilities to do better and create more was inspiring! He impressed us with his commitment to our project by conducting research into autism and people with special needs in his own time. At all times throughout the development process, we felt valued and supported.  Although newcomers to the world of app development, Dave was patient and respectful.  Dave's enthusiasm and passion for our project and what we were doing to support people living with special needs was very much appreciated.  He helped us to bring a dream to reality and for that we are eternally grateful. We wholeheartedly endorse Dave and his amazing, can-do attitude, which meant the app creation process was enjoyable and stress-free and the end result has truly exceeded our expectations.  We are thrilled that our app is now on the market and helping families all over the world.  Thank you to Dave from The App Zone - you are amazing!

First and Then

Brad and Jenn Ratcliffe

Ratpack Creations

The prospect of designing and maintaining an App was daunting however the team at The AppZone made the whole process simple and care-free. The ongoing support has been fantastic and we will be happy to recommend The AppZone to anyone who is looking to build an App.

Lliberty Church

Jason Zammit

Liberty INC administrator, and Aussie Home Loans mortgage broker

Community engagement is vital if we are going to raise the level and quality of public conversation, even debate about the important everyday issues of life. Better and more consistent communication means better relationship development.  The app achieves in a moment on a mobile device in the palm of someone’s hand, what we’ve been trying to achieve through other electronic media options for ages. We were so energized that I decided to become a sales consultant for The AppZone because the app is such a useful tool for building community. The best recommendation for a tool of this kind is to want to help make it more available

Heartland Ministries Inc

Graeme Hush

Heartland Ministries CSF and Community Development Specialist